HR services during pandemy

Many organisations will need effective hR solutions to perform management decisions during the pandemy.
You can contact us and our HR and labour law practice experts will help you to solve following issues:

  1. Transfer employees to remote working place (Orders concerning switch to remote work)
  2. Registration of need to work during non-working day, declared i the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation (consulting concerning registration of such work, payment for such work, maintaning blank of Agreement to work in non working day, Order to work in non-working day preparation) 
  3. Consultiong on legality of labour contracts termination with employees. 
  4. REgistration of termination of labour agreement upon legally based reasons during pandemy (termination order preparation, put an entry to the personal card, put necessary entry to labour book, Pension fund notification on next day after dismissal).
  5. Registration of downtime due to circomstances beyond the control of parties (downtime order maintenence which indects its duration, payment method, notification labour service about downtime, downtime act maintenance).
  6. Registration of transfer to the part-time work schedule (additional agreement maintenence, part-time work order maintenence).