Legal support of legal entities' bankruptcy

Services for Chinese companies

Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry issue

Force majeure circumstances

Leasing of premises

Accounting services for legal entities (business) upon subscription

Client contracts' analysis in terms of accounting and tax legislation of the Russian Federation

Methodological and consulting support in accounting, tax, labor legislation

Accounting and tax treatment recovery

Economical consulting

Hr services for legal entities (business) upon subscription

HR services during pandemy

Legal support services for your business in Russia

Our specialists' support will help you solve the complex tasks for your business development

Corporate law services

Migration legislation services

We have a profound experience in legal support of migration services

Registration services for real property rights

Contract law services

Claims and debt collection

Legalization services for intellectual property rights

Legal support of business/investment projects

Our expert team of lawyers and consultants is glad to offer you legal assistance

About us

Legal Assistance Centre “Business Solutions”, LLC is a Russia based company, providing legal, accountancy, HR support of different projects in all regions of Russia, as well as in CIS countries, in China and Hong Kong.

We offer a wired range of services, covering many legal spheres: from finance and M&A to consulting in the sphere of tax law, business risks and participation in litigations.

The specialists of Legal Assistance Centre “Business Solutions”, LLC are qualified to deal with Russian and English legal systems and have a vast practical experience in making deals according to the norms of these systems.

We provide legal support of Russian companies with inner and international law, as well as we cooperate with international corporations interested in investing into Russia’s economy.

We actively cooperate with companies and individuals from China in the sphere of business and investment tourism.

Legal Assistance Centre “Business Solutions”, LLC is the only one legal company member of Travel Association "World Without Borders". 

We'll be glad to assist your developing business here in Russia, giving all of our skills and experience to the benefit of your business