Hr services for legal entities (business) upon subscription

1. HR Administration audit. Adutor's opinion will be provided;
2. Local normative acts development. Arranging amendments to current local normative acts. 
3. Reconstruction of personnel documents upon necessity (full or partial - upon client's order);
4. HR Administration:

  • Hiring of new employee administration (labour agreement, hiring order,  job description,  personal cardТ-2)
  • Personnel transfers administration (employees' agreements/notifications for employee, additional agreement to the labour contract, transfer order, put the entry to personal card Т-2)
  • Dismissal administration (dismissal reason registration, dismissal order, put entry to personnel card T-2)
  • Business trips administration (business trip order, work on weelend order – upon necessity)
  • Vacations administration (annual paid vacation,  maternity leave,  non-paid vacation)
  • Salary indecsation administration upon necessity (indecsation orders,  additional agreemnts to labour contracts)

5. Staff schedule registraion and maintenance
6. Vacaction schedule preparation
7. Labour books administration

  • Registration of newcommers' labour books in the journal
  • Registration of inserts to the labour books
  • Registration of labour books dublicates
  • Put entries concerning hiring, transfer and dismissal to the labour books
  • Put entries conerning awards to the abour books upon necessity